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Dangers Inhaling Dust Tile Demolition Jobs

The Dangers of Inhaling Dust from Tile Demolition Jobs

tiles being repaired shows silica build up

When professional damage restorers or demolition experts are handling situations in a home, there are necessary precautions one must take in order to guarantee the safety of the occupants. Before the professionals do their job, steps such as, pointing out the damaged area clearly and quickly, and explaining the affected area’s history, make it easier for the restorers to determine the damage. During the process, it is safer for the occupants to stay away from the area to avoid unnecessary accidents, and to leave the workers unbothered. After the process, occupants need to follow the advice the professionals have to offer, to keep the situation from happening again.

Safety rules and precautions are not just implemented to make the work faster and safer for homes, but also for the people living in them. At times, these rules are completely brushed off by the homeowners, because it is thought that a simple restoration or demolition does not do much harm. 

For installments that require demolitions, like tile removals, one should be informed of how the process goes. When tiles are being removed, the workers use machines that chip or saw through the floor. While doing so, clouds of dust can be seen coming out from the tiles, and the substance that is released from the floor is called silica.

Silica and Its Harmful Capabilities

Silica is a natural mineral that occurs in rock and soil, and it is common in stone crushing industries and mills. If you visit or have been in companies that deal with such minerals, you notice that all their workers are protected by wearing protective body gear and face masks. Bear in mind that too much exposure and inhalation of silica can lead to numerous breathing problems and chronic diseases such as silicosis. Silicosis is caused by prolonged breathing of silica dust. The particles are deposited in the lungs, causing the thickening and scarring of lung tissue; and if continuous inhalation of the substance pursues, silicosis may lead to lung cancer.

Luckily, the presence of silica need not be in the confines of your home. Tile Busters Houston offers dust-free tile removal services for a clean and silica-free tile demolition process for customers in the Greater Houston area. When you want to experience a dust-free tile removal process, you can call us at 281-603-0006 or visit our contact us page.