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Tile Removal Process Explained

The Tile Removal Process Explained

a professional tile remover removing tiles

Removing the tiles in your home is not as complicated as it seems. Whenever there is someone working on your tiles and you are curious about what s/he is doing, knowing the reasons why and how it will help you along the way.

By knowing the how’s and why’s of tile removal, you will one day remove your own tiles without professional help; of course, this is only for those cases that need minor fixing. The best and most cost-effective approach to a major tile removal job is to have Tile Busters Houston use their patented, virtually dust-free tile removal system. 

Why Tiles Are Removed

Besides changing the tiles in your home, tiles are actually perfect places for molds and cracks to form. When there is a crack on your tile, it means that it is losing its strength which will eventually affect the whole floor or wall.

As for molds, they grow in places that are dark, humid and damp. The spaces between the tiles are perfect places for mold to manifest. It is true that a simple scrub with a brush and detergent can resolve simple mold problems, but it is possible that the mold can start growing under the tiles and begin to harm your tiles and your health.

How to Remove Your Tiles

When removing your tiles, you must remember that you should be doing it in a well-ventilated area so that dust and dirt won’t circulate within your home. Also, wear protected gear; masks, gloves, and protective eyewear will prevent any foreign substance from entering your body. When you’re ready, follow these step-by-step procedures on removing your tiles.

Step One: Break the tiles by hitting the center with a hammer. The center is the safest place to break because the edges of the tiles can be very sharp. A tile projectile is one thing you do not want to present when you plan to remove your tiles.

Step Two: Remove the grout. To remove the grout, use a chisel and hammer and start tapping away on the grout lines.

Step Three: In order to keep your workplace clean, sweep the broken and chipped tiles from time to time.

Step Four: Remove the remaining tiles with the chisel and hammer combo and scrape the remaining tile fragments and old adhesive residue with a long-handled floor scraper.

By removing the tiles, you are enabling yourself to replace those old tiles with something new to freshen up the room. Removing the tiles also exposes weak areas of the floor which can be easily repaired or restored, when you call the professionals.

For professional tile removal, contact Tile Busters Houston now at 281-603-0006. Here at Tile Busters Houston, we specialize in dust-free removal. In dust-free removal, we remove your tiles without the prospects of harmful dirt and dust ever being present in the removal process. Our services also include cleaning products, to help you achieve the all clean look you’ve always needed.

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