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Dustless Tile Removal for Retailers in Houston, TX

There are not many Houston retailers who don't have tile floors and materials in their stores. It's the easiest choice when it comes to retail because it is so easy to clean and really withstands so many people walking and touching the surface. Not to mention how durable tile is when accidents occur.

For any retail or store owner, it's important to keep your tile looking spick and span to appeal to customers. With so many different types of tile nowadays many retailers are choosing to update their stores with modern and clean tiles such as marble, ceramic, natural stone and there are a wide array of patterned tiles to choose from. No matter which style you choose for your tiles, you will need to replace the tile after years of abuse and wear and tear. However, removing tile is easier said than done.

The Tile Busters Houston Difference

Traditional tile removal methods require the use of heavy equipment chipping away at the tiles one by one. Not only does it mean a good amount of down time, it also leaves dust particles all over your store that you will find even months after cleaning the mess. Fortunately, there is another method using our patented Tile Busters System that drastically cuts down time and prevents the wide spread of dust in your retail store.

Our one of a kind Tile Busters System catches and contains dust before it's able to get into the air. It's also allows us to complete up to 600 square feet per day so we can have the work done much sooner than any other method. We can also help you keep your store open during the process since we can contain the area being worked on and our system traps the dust before it can be spread.

Safe, Professional & Virtually Dust-Free Tile Removal in Houston

The thing that sets Tile Busters Houston apart is the fact that we can provide a faster and more efficient tile removal process that is harmless for your customers and employees. Instead of waiting for a long drawn out process for tile removal and cleaning, let us at Tile Busters Houston help you finish out your store renovations through our proven streamlined tile removal method. Our innovative Tile Busters system uses HEPA filtration to collect dust particles before they are ever able to go airborne.

If you are a retail store owner looking for commercial tile removal in Houston, TX, contact us at Tile Busters Houston today at 281-603-0006 to get a free estimate and schedule your tile removal service today.