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Safe Dust-free Tile Removal in Brookside Village, TX

Many homeowners consider tiled floors as attractive interior features, which is why they do everything they can to keep their floorings in pristine condition. But over time, tiles are bound to collect scratches, scuff marks, and cracks that can be hard to ignore and seem impossible to remove.

In cases such as these, the best thing to do is to get tile replacements. If you’re considering doing this kind of task yourself to save some money, you may need to think again.

For one, the traditional tile removal process is laborious and time-consuming. You need to spend hours taping off rooms and covering your furniture with plastic wrap to prevent the spread of dust. Even with these precautions, though, removing tiles the traditional way still produces fine dust that can enter the crevices of your furniture and electronic appliances. As a result, you’ll end up needing more time to clean up, and you may even have to shell out some money to repair your damaged devices.

In the end, doing the job yourself can cause you to incur more expenses than if you simply went with hiring a professional team.

In addition, dust particles can have harmful effects on your health when inhaled. Dust created during tile removal contains silica, which can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. It can also cause more serious issues including silicosis of the lungs and other respiratory problems. If you want to avoid encountering these health concerns, you need a safer way to remove your tiles.

The good news is that we here at Tile Busters Houston offer dustless tile removal services in Brookside Village, TX homes and commercial spaces as well as in other communities across Texas including Lake Jackson, Quintana, and Santa Fe. Our team of professionals can remove your old tiles quickly, safely, and in a dust-free manner. You no longer have to worry about accidentally inhaling harmful dust particles or spending a lot of time cleaning up after the removal process is completed.

We Offer Expert Tile Removal Services in Brookside Village, TX

Our team of experts can help you remove old and broken tiles safely using our dustless process. Also, the Tile Busters system is a much faster method compared to the traditional ways of doing things. We use state-of-the-art equipment to remove lots of tiles—up to 600 square feet in one day! With our speedy service, you can return to your daily activities right away.

Another advantage you’ll enjoy with our innovative tile removal services is that your HVAC system will be free from dust and other debris. This is great news for both homeowners and business owners because it means everyone entering the space will be safe from the harmful effects of inhaling fine dust particles. To learn more about what we can do for you, here are the most popular services we offer in Houston and across Texas:

Dust-free Tile Removal – You can say goodbye to the once tedious task of traditional tile removal. Our professional technicians use high-speed electric chisels to cut through and remove old tiles without spreading unhealthy dust all over your space. Once we complete a project, all you will be left with is a smooth concrete slab ready to be retiled.

Commercial Tile Removal Services – Aside from homeowners, we also help business owners have a beautiful interior for their commercial spaces. We serve different commercial properties like restaurants, museums, schools, and retailers.

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In case your floors are begging for new tiles in your Brookside Village, TX home or commercial space, call us at 281-603-0006 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We also serve other properties in Texas including Thompsons, Stafford, and Fresno. If you want to experience quick and dust-free tile removal, contact Tile Busters Houston today!

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