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Dust-free Tile Removal Service in Deer Park, TX

Does your bathroom, kitchen, or shop in Deer Park, TX, require new tiles? Then our team of expert tile removers at Tile Busters Houston can help you with the process of removing your old tiles. Our company uses a dust-free tile removal system that will make tile replacement a more convenient process.

Installing new tiles to your kitchen, bath, or shop is a great idea if you want to transform the look of your establishment. However, the process of removing old tiles often present property owners with frustrating challenges. This is because back in the old days, tile removal tended to generate a lot of dust. The process would leave behind so much dust that it would affect the air quality inside of the building for weeks or months even after the service had already been carried out. Because of this, the dust would often dampen the owner’s excitement over their new tiles.

This is where Tile Busters Houston comes in. Our founder and CEO, Don Preston, saw the need for a cleaner tile removal process. This spurred him to come up with a system that didn't generate as much dust. We’re now using the system he pioneered to make tile removal an easier, cleaner, and healthier process for our clients and team members.

If your business is based in Deer Park, Bellaire, or Waller, you can also benefit from this dust-free tile removal system. Call us as 281-603-0006 so we can discuss the scope of the project.

Tile Removal Services for Commercial Spaces in Deer Park, TX

The old tile removal process involved a lot of work. First, the work area had to be prepared properly so that the dust could be contained. The workers would go about this by removing the furniture, curtains, electronic equipment, and other items in the room. Next, they would seal the area using plastic sheeting. This meant covering the doors and windows, vents, and other openings that could potentially let the dust circulate.

After taking care of the space, the technicians would then put on clothing that would protect them from dust particles. The downside was that the protective equipment could be heavy and cumbersome, meaning they would slow the workers down.

With a dust-free process, however, we can skip some of these steps. It’s still important to clear the room so that nothing gets in the way while removing the tiles, but there’s less emphasis on controlling the spread of the dust particles. Many types of organizations and establishments have benefited from our dust-free tile removal service, including:

If you wish to replace the tiles in your shop or restaurant in WebsterBacliffBaytown, or Deer Park, just give us a call so we can help you with tile removal.

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Tile Busters Houston is the company to call if you want to expedite the tile removal process. With our team on the job, you can expect a clean and dust-free tile removal process. Call us at 281-603-0006 or send a message through our Contact Us page so we can get started ASAP.

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