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Professional Dust-Free Tile Removal Service in Galveston, TX by Tile Busters Houston

Are you considering replacing your ceramic tiles in your Galveston, TX property? Tile Busters Houston offers a dust-free tile removal service. We serve Galveston, TX, and other nearby cities, including Baytown, Channelview, Crosby, and Cypress

Ceramic tiles are fantastic flooring materials. They are water-resistant, easy to clean, affordable, easy to install, and long-lasting. However, the issue is when you want to replace them. Perhaps the design is outdated, or there are a few damaged tiles, and the design is no longer available in the market. Whatever your reason for wanting to replace ceramic tiles, the old tile removal process is disruptive and involves dealing with an unbelievable amount of dust. 

Some think that tiling over the old tile is a good idea to save effort on removing the old tiles. However, removing old tiles have a lot of benefits. One of that is that when you remove the old tiles, you'll be able to see the condition of the subfloor. You'd be able to fix any damages to the subfloor before replacing the tiles. Laying out new tiles on damaged or uneven subfloors can cause tile cracks. 

Tile Buster VS the Old Removal Process

With the old tile removal process, technicians seal off a small area and work on it. They use plastic and tape to contain the dust. Cutting the tiles produces an enormous amount of dust that can fill the sealed area. The simple act of entering the sealed space can release a considerable amount of dust that can linger for weeks or months. These fine dust particles can cause respiratory health problems for humans and pets. 

Thankfully, with Tile Busters, our technicians can remove tiles without having to worry about fine dust. Tile Busters takes care of the dust as it is generated. Our technicians don't even have to wear facemasks when working with Tile Busters. 

The Tile Buster Advantage for Dust-Free Tile Removal in Galveston, TX

The traditional method of tile removal is difficult, disruptive, and expensive. It leaves superfine dust that embeds in your carpets, walls, duct system, furniture, and even inside your cabinets and drawers. A typical tile removal project can take several days. Remember that the dust resulting from tile removal contains silica – a carcinogenic material that's dangerous specifically for those with allergies and other respiratory conditions.

The Tile Busters tile removal system produces virtually zero dust. It gets rid of the fine dust before it becomes airborne. The Tile Busters System is unbelievably fast. In fact, our technicians can complete around 600 ft.² of floor space within the day. It keeps your indoor air healthy and free of dangerous silica. When you use Tile Buster, the concrete slab underneath is flatter in new tile installation becomes more manageable.

Learn More About Tile Busters’ Dust-Free Tile Removal System

Forget about the old hammer-and-chisel method of removing tiles. Tile Busters Houston can remove old tiles quickly, affordably, and with virtually zero dust. To learn more about how Tile Busters works or to schedule an estimate, please call 281-603-0006. You may also visit our Contact Us page to send us a message.


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