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Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Hockley, TX

Are the tiles in your home or office in Hockley, TX beginning to look dated or worse for wear? Replacing those tiles in your property is an excellent way to refresh and update how it looks. However, this usually means that you’ll have to remove the old tiles first and end up having to deal with a lot of dust in your toilet, bath, or kitchen. Since traditional tile removal makes use of a hammer and chisel, it generates a lot of dust that can linger in your home or office long after your tiles have been removed and replaced.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you choose our services at Tile Busters Houston, you won’t have to deal with any heaps of leftover dust. That’s because we use a dust-free tile removal system that’s faster, more efficient, and more beneficial than the traditional methods that other companies use. For more information about our services, contact us online or call us at 281-603-0006.

The conventional method for tile removal is quite laborious and time-consuming, requiring technicians to wear protective clothing and spend days or even weeks working on the project. With our dustless removal process, you can get rid of your old tiles without as many disruptions or as much excessive dust.

Quick & Easy Tile Removal Services in Hockley, TX

Tile Busters Houston’s revolutionary tile removal system was perfected by our owner, Don Preston. After observing the standard methods that most people used to remove tiles, he wanted to create a process that was more innovative and cost-effective.

Eventually, he came up with the dustless tile removal method that our company now provides to clients in Hockley, TX, and the Greater Houston Area. We are proud to say that the Tile Busters Houston method is now an industry-wide standard because of its speed and efficiency compared to the old methods of tile removal. Our dustless tile removal method will leave you with a clean slab on concrete that’s ready for fresh tiles.

But why is it so great? Well, the conventional methods of tile removal are extremely messy and even dangerous, given that they were carried out using a hammer and a chisel. Fortunately, Tile Busters Houston’s system makes use of an electric chisel, making the process is a lot cleaner and safer. As such, our technicians don’t have to wear a lot of protective gear and clothing while they’re working on your property.

We also get much more done in less time, as this method allows our staff to clear at least 600 square feet in a day. After the job is done, you can also request for our help when it comes to installing your new tiles and flooring.

Indeed, the Tile Busters Houston system has provided our clients with stunning results and little to no leftover dust. When you decide to hire our team, your daily activities do not have to be interrupted during and after each tile removal session. This is why our method works for both residential and commercial properties, including museums and art gallerieshotels and bed and breakfasts, and restaurants.

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At Tile Busters Houston, we offer quick, cost-effective, and dust-free tile removal services to home and business owners in Hockley, TX. For more information or to book our services, visit our Contact Us page or call us at 281-603-0006. We provide free estimates upon request.

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