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Dust-free Tile Removal for Properties in Huffman, TX

Replacing your old tiles with a new design can dramatically change the appearance of your bath, kitchen, restaurant, or shop. However, many property owners often have second thoughts when it comes to removing their current tiles because they know how much dust the process can generate. Indeed, the old process of removing tiles leaves a lot of dust behind.

The dust, in turn, can stick to surfaces, stain furniture, damage electronic equipment, and get trapped in the vents. The dust can affect the air quality inside of the structure as well. It can trigger allergic reactions and worsen the symptoms of those who are suffering from respiratory illnesses. What’s more, the dust can remain in the structure for weeks or even months.

The good news is that tile removal doesn’t always have to be this difficult. Tile Busters Houston uses a dust-free tile removal process that will not leave dust and debris in your property in Huffman, TX. With our team on the job, you can work on your newly tiled space without any hassle. If your planning on updating the tiles in your property in Huffman, Bellaire, Keller, or Waller, call us at 281-603-0006 so we can help you remove your old tiles quickly and efficiently.

Residential & Commercial Tile Removal Services in Huffman, TX

The old process of removing tiles would take a lot of preparation, as the working space and the team must be perfectly ready before the job can proceed. The area, first of all, had to be sealed off. This was done by surrounding the working area with plastic sheeting and keeping the sheets in place with painter’s tape. The same had to be done to the windows, doors, and vents. Any furniture and electrical appliances in the room had to be moved elsewhere so that they wouldn't collect dust.

After preparing the workplace, the workers then had to wear protective clothing that would keep dust away from them. This meant putting on heavy, clunky gear, which could wear them down while they worked.

The new process isn’t like this at all, as the system we’re using does not generate dust. Our technicians can move freely and easily remove tiles in all sorts of spaces, including the kitchen and bathroom. We offer our services to the following commercial and community spaces.

Just give us a call if you need tile-removal services in WebsterBacliffBaytown, and other areas in Texas.

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Most residential and commercial property owners in Huffman turn to Tile Busters Houston if they need quick, easy, and hassle-free tile removal services for their property. You don’t have to worry about tile removal if you’re planning to upgrade your home or commercial space. We can help you deal with that safely and conveniently. Just give us a call at 281-603-0006 or send a message through our Contact Us page so we can present you with suitable tile-removal options.

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