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Dust-Free Tile Removal Services in Katy, Texas

Business owners and homeowners use tile floor coverings because they are water-resistant, easy to clean, and attractive. They are common in kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. Tiles are highly durable, which makes them perfect for businesses with high foot traffic.

However, tiles do get damaged over time and become worn out or outdated. Removing the tiles can be a disruptive and even dangerous task because of all the dust it generates, but it’s a necessary step for replacing most renovation projects. Thankfully, the Tile Busters System can remove old tiles, virtually dust-free. Tile Busters Houston serves Katy, TX, and other areas in the Greater Houston area.

The old tile removal process was difficult for both contractors and property owners. It involved seeking off a small area with duct tape and plastic. However, the duct tape and plastic method is not effective in preventing the spread of dust throughout the property. The simple act of getting in and out of the enclosed area can leave a considerable amount of dust. Moreover, the technicians had to work on their hands and knees. As you can imagine, the process takes a lot of time. More alarmingly, superfine dust that contains silica spreads throughout the property and lingers for weeks or months.

The Tile Busters System is different. The process we use traps the dust as we work, so it doesn't spread. The method is so safe that our technicians don't even have the wear masks and other protective gear. They don't even have to seal off a small area to work on. Because the dust is removed immediately, the tile removal process becomes fast and efficient.

Businesses in Katy That Trust the Tile Busters System

We have been in the flooring industry for more than 25 years now, and we have never seen anything that compares to the Tile Busters System. We serve various businesses in Katy, including:

Churches - The passing of time, foot traffic, and regular wear-and-tear can all dampen the shine of floor tiles. Churches in Katy can rely on Tile Busters Houston for quick and efficient tile removal.

Restaurants - Spills and mishaps are part of the restaurant business. Although tiles are durable, they eventually crack and chip, and they lose their initial shine. Restaurants must replace unattractive tiles. Tile Busters Houston offers dust-free tile removal service for restaurants in Katy.

Retailers - Customers hate boring stores. Retail stores have to move things about so that their customers will have something new to see each time. When retailers need to replace the tiles in their store, they can trust Tile Busters Houston to remove floor tiles quickly and without generating dust.

Trust Tile Busters Houston to Upgrade Your Floors in Katy, TX

Tile Busters Houston offers a fantastic new way of removing worn out and outdated tiles virtually dust-free. Our service area includes Katy TX and we serve various establishments such as schools, museums, and hotels. To get a free, no-obligation estimate or to request for more information, please call 281-603-0006 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.


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