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Dust-Free Tile Removal for Properties in Kingwood, TX

One of the simplest ways to update the look of your kitchen, toilet, or bathroom is to replace your old tiles. However, getting rid of your old tiles is not as easy as it seems, as the removal process creates a lot of dust that can spread throughout the entire structure. This negatively impacts the indoor air quality, leading to allergic reactions and respiratory problems among the inhabitants of the building.

With Tile Busters Houston, however, you won’t have to deal with any of these issues. That’s because our company uses a new, virtually dust-free tile removal process when working on residential and commercial properties in Kingwood, TX.

The proprietary tile removal method used by Tile Busters Houston was discovered and perfected by Don Preston, our founder, and CEO. He experimented and iterated on over 50 designs before perfecting the process. Now, our technicians use this fast, dust-free tile removal method so that our clients can enjoy new tiles without dust floating around their home.

We can take care of removing old tiles from your workplace or home in Kingwood or anywhere else in Houston. When you want to refresh the look and atmosphere of your kitchen, bathroom, or toilet, give us a call at 281-603-0006.

Quick and Easy Tile Removal Services in Kingwood, TX

Many property owners in Kingwood delay replacing their old tiles because they don’t want to deal with the dust that the activity generates. Indeed, tile removal creates an unbelievable amount of dust, which can circulate around the home and pollute the air indoors. Additionally, the dust can damage appliances, stain furniture, and surfaces, as well as cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in people.

To control the spread of dust, the work area must be prepared properly before work begins. This involves sealing off the room (including the doors and vents) using plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. The technicians doing the job should also wear protective clothing so that the dust won’t affect their health or work.

That being said, the new tile removal process used by Tile Busters Houston is virtually dust-free. This means that there’s no need to seal off the work area. Nor do the technicians have to work on their hands and feet while wearing protective clothing all day. With this revolutionary process, we can remove toilet, bathroom, and kitchen tiles in residential, community, and commercial establishments such as:

In addition to Kingwood, we also serve properties throughout the Greater Houston area.

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Tile Busters is your reliable partner when it comes to dust-free tile removal services in Kingwood. Whether you’re planning to upgrade your commercial property or simply improve the look of your home, we can help. Call us at 281-603-0006 and let’s discuss the details of your tile removal project. Alternatively, you can also check our Contact Us page and fill out the form there.

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