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Dust-free Tile Removal Services in La Marque, TX

Replacing your old tiles is a good way of revitalizing the look and appeal of your property. New tiles can turn a bath or toilet into a more relaxing space, and it can also help improve the overall appearance of a shop or restaurant.

At the same time, though, traditional tile replacement comes with a huge downside -- a lot of dust that can negatively impact the health of residents and cause the project to be more expensive The good news is that Tile Busters Houston uses a dust-free tile removal system, allowing business owners in La Marque, TX to enjoy their newly renovated space.

Our clients don’t have to deal with dust or debris, as our process does not generate any dust. If you want to experience dustless tile removal for yourself, just call 281-603-0006. We remove tiles in properties in La Marque and other areas around Houston.

Tile Removal Services for Offices & Homes in La Marque, TX

There are many differences between the old and the new way of removing tiles. The old process requires the technicians to close off a portion of the building and seal the space to prevent the dust and debris from getting into any other rooms inside of the property. They also have to put on cumbersome protective clothing to prevent the dust from affecting their health. It’s a long, tiring, and messy process.

The new way of removing tiles, on the other hand, gets rid of dust and debris right from the get-go. This means that property owners don’t have to contend with dust after the Tile Busters Houston team leaves their property. They won’t have to pay for cleaning services to clear their vents and furniture of dust particles, plus they don’t need to worry about the quality of the air that they breathe. What’s more, Tile Busters Houston will leave the concrete slab flat so that the tile installation team can proceed with their work immediately.

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Our team can help you initiate the process of renovating your shop, restaurant, toilet, or bath. If you want to remove the tiles in your property without dealing with excessive dust, give us a call at 281-603-0006. You can also contact us online. Tile Busters Houston serves LaMarque and other locations throughout the Greater Houston Area

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