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Dust Free Tile Removal in Manvel, TX

Are you tired of looking at your broken or discolored tiles each time you enter your home? It might be time to replace them and enhance your interiors. But before you bring out the hammer and chisel, think about the tedious task of traditional tile removal and the amount of dust you need to deal with while working and once the project is completed.

If you are not fazed by cleaning dusty furniture and appliances, then you need to consider the harmful effects of inhaling dust. The dust generated by the traditional tile removal process contains silica, a substance that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. When you accidentally ingest or inhale silica, it can cause asthma, allergic reactions, and respiratory issues. To prevent such health concerns, select a safer and more efficient option.

Choose Tile Busters Houston for dust-free tile removal services in your Manvel, TX properties including those located in the nearby areas of Alvin, South Houston, and Dickinson. We have perfected a unique method that will give you a quicker, safer, and dust-free tile removal process. Once we are done, you can easily install brand new tiles onto the clean slab we’ll leave behind on your floor.

An Innovative Method of Tile Removal in Manvel, TX

Tile Buster’s owner, Don Preston, founded the company in 1994 and saw the flaws in traditional tile removal methods. He realized how dirty and harmful the dust generated by the process can be. Because of this observation, he wanted to remedy the situation. After years of research and development, Preston came up with an innovative system of tile removal he now offers to all homeowners and business owners in Manvel, TX through Tile Busters Houston.

Not only is our process dust-free, but our tile removal method is also faster than older ones. Our patented system can remove up to 600 square feet of tiles in a single day, allowing you to replace old tiles quicker and letting you go back to your regular schedule at home or work.

Explore these services that Tile Busters Houston can help you with:

Dust-free Tile Removal – We can help remove shattered and stained tiles safely. You won’t need to clean anything after the process is completed by us. All that’s left to do is to retile your floors and enjoy your new home interiors.

Commercial Tile Removal Services – Our team of professionals can help prepare the floors of various commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, churches, and museums. With our innovative method, you can rest assured that no dust will settle on your merchandise or reach the HVAC, keeping you and your customers safe from inhaling harmful dust particles.

Contact Tile Busters Houston to Remove Old Tiles in Manvel, TX

If you are looking for safe and efficient tile removal services for your home or commercial space located in Manvel, TX, or other communities near Houston like Baytown, Pasadena, and Pearland, just contact Tile Busters Houston. Call us at 281-603-0006 or leave your contact information on our Contact Us page so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. With Tile Busters Houston, you’ll have a dust-free space and smooth flooring that’s ready for new tiles.

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