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Dust-Free Tile Removal in Melissa, TX

Dust may not initially seem like that big a problem when it comes to tile removal services. You likely don’t think about the resulting dust residue when you book the services of a conventional tile removal contractor.

But if not done carefully, tile removal can leave a big trail of mess. Plus, the finest dust particles, which typically contain crystalline silica, can be quite harmful to those that come into contact with them.

These dust particles can irritate the nose and the eyes, and they can also worsen health conditions like allergies and asthma. They’ll be a lasting nightmare to members of your household, especially your young children and elderly family members.

Is there an alternative to the mess and the health hazards of traditional tile removal? Thankfully, there is such a thing in the Greater Houston Area. Tile Busters Houston offers dust-free tile removal services to residents of Melissa, TX, as well as the other Collin County cities of Celina, Lavon, and Nevada.

We have several advantages over run-of-the-mill tile removal services. For one, our special method yields virtually zero dust. You won’t have to worry about spending hours—perhaps even days—cleaning up after us.

For another, we’re more productive than most other contractors. In 24 hours flat, we’ll be able to complete as much as 600 square feet of tile removal. That saves you money on work done per hour, and it also guarantees that you spend less time away from your precious home waiting for the job to get done.

Enjoy healthier and more efficient results on tile removal jobs, both for commercial and residential properties. Hire the people at Tile Busters Houston to oversee your tile removal!

Zero-Dust Tile Removal in Melissa, TX

The harsh reality of conventional tile removal is that it often results in large dust buildups. These take forever to clean off the floor and surrounding areas. And despite your best efforts to clean all the dust, some of it may get into hard-to-reach places like your ducts and vents. The dust can also settle on your appliances and electronics, causing them irreparable damage.

Our solution at Tile Busters Houston is to implement a high-speed electric chiseling method that yields almost no dust residue at all. The result is a clean, even concrete slab that’s quite easy to lay new tiles on. Best of all, it poses minimal risks to your health and safety and minimizes risks for damages to your property.

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Tile Removal Services for Commercial Properties—Business owners can also come to us for large-scale tile removal jobs. Call us if you want the Tile Busters method implemented at your office, school, museum, hotel, inn, church, or resto.

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For dust-free tile removal services, call the Tile Busters Houston hotline at 281-603-0006. You may also leave your details on Tile Busters Houston’s official Contact Us page. If you like our service, spread the word to your friends elsewhere in Collin County, like in McKinney and Weston!

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