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Dust-free Tile Removal Service in Santa Fe, TX

One way to set apart your office, shop, or facility from others like it is to change the look of the space. You can do this by replacing the tiles in the room with an updated design. The downside is that you have to remove the old tiles first, and this can cause a lot of dust issues. The dust can circulate in the structure and stay there for months. This can affect the health of the people using the space as well as the overall atmosphere of the building, and that’s bad for business.

The traditional way of removing tiles generates a lot of dust, unfortunately. Luckily, business owners in Santa Fe, TX, can count on Tile Busters Houston’s dust-free tile removal service. We use a new method of removing tiles, one that eliminates dust as soon as it is generated, preventing the spread of dust particles throughout the structure.

Suspended dust can cause a lot of problems. The particles can reduce the air quality inside of the building, causing allergic reactions, staining furniture, damaging electrical appliances, and exacerbating the symptoms of respiratory illnesses. To remove the excess dust, most property owners have to get the services of a cleaning company after the tile removal, but they can only do so much. The solution to this issue is to get rid of dust right from the get-go, and that is where Tile Busters Houston shines.

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Tile Removal for Offices & Commercial Spaces in Santa Fe, TX

The traditional way of removing tiles is a lengthy process. First, the room must be cleared of all belongings so that these won’t be damaged by the dust. Next, the area has to be sealed to control the spread of dust particles. The vents, windows, and doors are covered with plastic sheeting to limit the number of particles that can get through.

Then, the technicians have to protect themselves. They do this by wearing cumbersome gear that prevents them from inhaling dust. This preparation process takes time, and it can hinder the team’s progress.

The new tile removal method used by Tile Busters Houston is much faster. The system we use to remove tiles eliminates the dust right from the start, so less preparation is needed before we can get to work. Our team can work more safely and quickly, too, and we can cover as much as 600 square feet of space in a day. This means the work can be completed in less time and your business can open again as soon as possible.

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