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Dust-free Tile Removal for Properties in Webster, TX

Replacing the old tiles in your kitchen or bathroom is one of the most dramatic ways to transform the space. New tiling can update the look and style of the room and make it seem more spacious. At the same time, taking out old tiles is a challenging task, as it often generates a lot of dust. The dust can settle inside of the home and be present for months on end. It can also trigger allergies and aggravate respiratory issues, or even get into electronics and cause property damage. These are just some of the results of using the old process of removing tiles.

Our team at Tile Busters Houston has moved on from this old process. The system we’re using now produces virtually no dust, which makes it safer for our technicians as well as our clients. Our team can remove the tiles from your home or workplace in Webster, TX without setting up a separate working area or putting on heavy protective clothing.

Our dust-free tile removal process was discovered and perfected by Don Preston, our founder and CEO. Before coming up with the current system, he first experimented with 50 designs. Now, our team can take on the task of removing old tiles from properties in Bellaire, Webster, Waller, or Tomball. Call us at 281-603-0006 if you want to remove the old tiles in your home or facility without dealing with the dust that the old process usually generates.

Tile Removal Services for Homes and Offices in Webster, TX

In the old days, a lot of preparation had to take place before workers could start removing the tiles in a home or commercial space. First, they had to set up a separate workspace. This area was separated from the rest of the home by plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. To prevent the dust from getting into other areas of the home, the doors, windows, and vents would also be sealed off. Furniture and electrical equipment would also be moved out of the sealed space. Finally, the workers had to put on protective clothing so that they wouldn't inhale the dust while they worked.

Because the process Tile Busters Houston uses is dust-free, there’s no need to seal off the work area. Workers also don’t need to put on protective clothing while they work. Our team can remove tiles in all sorts of spaces, including in the bathroom, kitchen, or even in commercial spaces. We work with the following establishments:

Aside from Webster, we also work on properties in BacliffBaytown, and other areas in Texas.

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Tile Busters Houston is the name that most residential and commercial property owners in Webster trust when it comes to removing their tiles. We’re the partner you can rely on if you want to update your kitchen, bath, restaurant, or shop. Give us a call at 281-603-0006 and let’s talk about the details of your tile removal project.  You can also reach us through our Contact Us page.

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