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Dust-free Tile Removal Service in Liverpool, TX

There are different approaches to refreshing the look of your bathroom or kitchen, but if you want a dramatic change, then you’d have to replace the existing tiles. In the old days, property owners often have second thoughts if their renovation project required them to replace their tiles.

This is because most of them want to avoid the excessive dust that the old process generates. Tile removal creates a lot of dust, and these remain in the structure for weeks up to months, compromising the health of the people who use the space. In addition, the dust can cause stains on surfaces and damage delicate electronics.

Tile Busters Houston offers dust-free tile removal services in Liverpool, TX. Our team of expert technicians can remove tiles from a given space without causing a lot of disruption or generating a lot of dust in the process, making our services ideal for commercial establishments.

The dust-free tile removal system we use is developed by our founder and CEO, Don Preston. After spending years in the business, he found the old process of removing tiles too inefficient. This led him to come up with prototypes that eliminated dust from the process.

Now, our clients can reap the benefits of this revolutionary tile removal method. Call us at 281-603-0006 so we can help you remove the tiles from your commercial property in Liverpool and the nearby areas of Alief, Conroe, and Waller. We offer obligation-free estimates for our projects.

Business & Industrial Tile Removal Services in Liverpool, TX

The new tile removal process that we use is a lot different from the old process. It allows us to leave a much cleaner space so you don’t have to hire a cleaning company to take care of the dust after we’re done. At the same time, we’ll leave the floor flat so that the tile installers can proceed with their work as soon as they come in.

Also, our technicians don’t have to wear cumbersome protective clothing that can hinder their progress. Finally, these benefits help us finish our work faster so you, too, can go back to your regular activities in time. In about a day, we can remove tiles from a 600 square feet area. Best of all, we can do all these without compromising the health of our technicians and clients.

We’ve worked with a lot of commercial and community spaces in Liverpool in the past. These include the following:

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Entrust your tile removal project to our team and expect to receive an obligation-free estimate from Tile Busters Houston. If you own or manage a commercial property in Liverpool, TX, you can count on us for a clean, efficient, and cost-effective tile removal process.

Don’t hesitate to renovate your space and remove the unsightly tiles from the property.  Take the first step today by calling 281-603-0006 or using our Contact Us page to send us your inquiries. We serve commercial properties in Liverpool, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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